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Beauty and the Beast in Doha

A broadway musical? In Doha?


Beauty and the Beast made its debut in Qatar last December 10, 2015 to the joy of families in the region. I believe they’ll be going to Dubai next to end their tour?




It’s great that more shows and events like this are happening in Doha. I’ve gotten tired of longingly watching commercials that end with the message ‘Coming soon to Dubai…’. It makes me wanna bang my fists on the TV and scream WE EXIST! WE’RE OVER HERE! WE’RE INTEREST! PAY ATTENTION TO MEEEEEEE! COME HERE PLEASE.

We watched the Friday afternoon show, quite a good decision since there weren’t a lot of screaming children to distract us from the show. The audience was quite well behaved, although I did notice that a lot of seats were left empty. Funny, as when I was booking my tickets online they were all marked as unavailable. Annoying.

The show started on time! Well, okay it started at 3:13 instead of at 3:00 but a lot of people were expecting it to start even later. We were even taking bets on when it would start! I won by betting on 3:15.

The show was amazing! The music was fantastic just as we expected, and the actress playing Belle had such a beautiful voice. There were a few songs that I don’t remember from the Disney movie but that was to be expected. The classic songs from the movie were obviously the best performances. They really went all out with Be Our Guest! Out of all of the performers, the actor playing Lumiere was the one who really stood out. He gave it his all in his performance and made us laugh so hard.

If you have kids, take them to see the show. If you don’t, go anyway because you don’t need kids to appreciate Disney. It’s still showing until the 19th anyway.

Next show coming to Qatar is apparently Shrek the Musical. I’m not so sure how that’s going to end up being like…. But I’m definitely watching.


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