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Buying fresh seafood along the Corniche

Qatar is pretty much surrounded by the sea, so you’d expect an abundance of seafood to be available in the country.

You kind of do, although to be honest most of it is imported from everywhere else, and the local seafood you do get tends to be either overpriced, or not that fresh in your local Carrefour, Mega Mart, or Lulu.

A few months ago, my family discovered a fresh seafood market of sorts in the Corniche, close to the Museum of Islamic Art. All the seafood comes straight from the sea, so fresh they’re still jumping around as you point them out to the fisherman/salesman.

That’s also another great thing about the place, the people selling you the fresh fish and crabs are usually fishermen who had caught them in the first place!

We got there a bit late last week so most of the fish had already been nabbed by others, but there were plenty of fresh, live crabs for us to choose from.

According to one of the fisherman, their timings are usually 6AM-11AM, then 6PM-12PM. If you’re thinking about checking the place out, I advise you to go as early as possible to get the best catch, especially on a Friday morning. Also, be careful and dress with the place in mind. It’s a bit slippery! Just go down the corniche to the very end, near the port and Museum and you’ll be sure to find the place.


Our fresh crabs! We had to double bag them as we were paranoid of them getting free and running everywhere in the car.



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