Tami Talks

On Blogging, and Writing, and why I’m determined to do more

I’ve had several different blogs since I was in high school, writing on all platforms from LiveJournal (which I still use to this day, the communities there are the best and no other site has been able to recreate it!), to Xanga, Blogger (then known as blogspot), and now WordPress.

I’ve had blogs that have been kept secret, only to be shared with friends with passwords. I’ve had blogs where I did not really write anything but simply scrolled endlessly down my dashboard, liking and reblogging posts that appealed to my geeky nature (hello, Tumblr!), and I’ve had blogs where I seriously wrote about my opinions, and had discussions with people from all over the world.

All gone thanks to my impulsiveness and indecisiveness. Perhaps it’s because I’m a bit of a perfectionist, or maybe because I sometimes randomly think one small aspect of my blog doesn’t work and it won’t stop irritating me, but whatever the reason I always end up deleting years of work, followed by a wave of regret.

Well this time, I’m determined to keep this blog running. It’s been ages since I’ve written anything decent. What ever happened to the dreams of 5 year old Tami, who wanted to be a writer and tell stories about families stuck in the middle of a jungle on an island hidden from the eyes of mortals?! I’ll keep writing to give myself motivation, and I’ll keep blogging to get my (probably unwanted) views and opinions out there. I’ll keep it up because hey, new year, new resolutions, new determination to be a ‘new me’.

I wonder how long my determination will last…








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