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Which Wich – Yes please

I had a meeting at The Pearl last week and decided to grab some lunch before heading back to the office. As I was in Medina Centrale and a lot of new restaurants had opened up lately, I decided to look for lunch there. Which Wich caught my eye because it sells sandwiches (yum!) and because my friend had mentioned that the food there was good.

Walking into the restaurant, I was a bit confused about the concept, but a member of the staff rushed over to me and asked if she could explain how to order. Either their staff are really attentive, or I really looked confused.


They have a couple of menu boards on the side of the restaurant along with a counter top and a bunch of brown paper bags. You have to choose what you want from the board. There are 10 different kinds of options, and you pick a paper bag based on the option you prefer.

I was in the mood for beef so I went with the paper bag in slot #3.


From there, you pick what kind of beef sandwich you want, the size, the extras, the kind of bread, basically everything! Sharpies are available for you to use, and you tick the choices you want on the bag and write your name.

I went with a French Dip, which is a roast beef sandwich that comes with a side of au jus. All of the extras are free except for the double meat, double cheese, beef bacon, and fresh avocado. I didn’t go too crazy. I went with wheat bread (you can choose to be healthy and have it wrapped in lettuce!), made it hot, chose the small size, and just added some swiss and provolone cheese, dijon mustard, caramelised onions, and some seasoning.


They have options for you to make your meal healthy, but they also have cookies and milk shakes!


You then give your order to the cashier, pay, and wait to be called from the pick up lane.


The sandwich was good. I also didn’t expect it to be that big, considering I ordered a small. There was so much dijon mustard slathered on it which I loved, though at the same time it wan’t a good idea for them to put so much with the cheese. To be honest, I tasted the mustard and got absolutely no cheese whatsoever which made me wonder if they actually put some in. I’m not complaining though, the sandwich was delicious. And so affordable! Definitely going back there soon!!

  • Sandwich – 30QAR
  • Water – 3QAR

33QAR in total for a filling and delicious lunch. I’m sold.

Which Wich Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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