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Dumplings and things at Thai Snack

There are a number of iconic restaurants in Doha that everyone has to visit while they live in Qatar. These places have been in the country for years, recommended by old expats to new, passing on the torch of delicious hidden finds at affordable prices. It’s these kinds of places that expats remember fondly when they’ve left the country.

One such place is Thai Snack.

Hidden from view! Sort of.

A small, unassuming restaurant hidden along Al Nasr Street, Thai Snack (AKA Amjad Thai Snack, or Thai Snacks) is an iconic restaurant that has served authentic Thai food to the residents of Qatar for years, all cooked and served by a team of all Thai people. It’s hidden in a way that you wouldn’t know where it is unless someone were to point it out to you. Although I guess you can’t say the same nowadays thanks to Apps like Google Maps. Thai Snack also has a small Thai massage salon adjacent to the restaurant, though I don’t know how anyone could get a massage and fill themselves up with delicious food at the same time.

I’ve been to the place numerous times, but only for takeaway. I can remember dining in only once before in 2010, but I can’t remember my experience that much as I only remember stuffing my face with dumplings. So this visit was the first in a long time!

The restaurant has both indoor seating, which is bigger than you first think, and outdoor seating, perfect for this weather. But if you sit outside, be prepared for the lack of attention and the smell of smoke.

We sat outside and it took us about 10 minutes just to get a menu. The servers weren’t really paying attention to us outside, and we’d only see one of them come out every few minutes or so. When we finally managed to get the attention of one of the staff, he absentmindedly handed us the menu before rushing off to do other more important things.

Couldn’t stop giggling.

I resisted the urge to order 20 dumplings right then and there and tried to be more sensible. So hard!

We decided to go with veggie spring rolls to share, an order of dumplings and Thai seafood fried rice for me, and duck noodle soup for J.

Again it took over 10 minutes just to flag down a waiter to take our order. I was beyond irritated by this point. When the food was served, and I tried to ask for cutlery, again we were ignored. I’ve experienced bad service before but man this was just on another level.

Good thing the girls at the table next to ours pointed out that they actually keep the cutlery inside a metal box on each table. So keep that in mind for when you guys visit!

Veggie Spring Rolls
Thai Iced Tea and Thai Lemonade. Both delicious!
The best dumplings ever
Thai Seafood Fried Rice
Duck Noodle Soup

On your table you also get some delicious sauces to accompany your meal. Go for the spicy sauce and the soy sauce for the dumplings, a little of both go a long way.

The dumplings were delicious as usual, your best bet really for the meal. The spring rolls were also good, if a bit oily. The duck noodle soup was a little too salty and the fried rice a bit too spicy. All in all the food was good, though I’d be happy just having the dumplings.

Am I going back? Definitely, it’s a favourite takeaway spot and this dinner didn’t change anything. Would I dine in again? Probably not.

Thai Snack is located at Al Nasr Street.

Amjad Thai Snack Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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