The not so best part about short trips

You cringe and shy away from the stranger next to you as he shows no shame in picking his nose continuously. 

You play a game of catch as you try (and almost fail) to catch a flying sandwich aimed at your head. 

You burn your tongue in the process of stuffing a piping hot sandwich in your mouth as someone clears their throat and waits for you to finish, tapping their shoes as they watch you.

Adults show that they can be more stubborn than children, really.

…Yes, it’s the short flight experience in economy class! Even on amazing airlines’ like Qatar Airways, the short flight is not the best experience you will have on your trip.

You expect your experience to be better on short flights. It’s barely an hour long, what could irritate you really? But you’re wrong. The flight takes forever to lift off, then just barely 20 minutes into it, you’re already preparing to land. Quite short, but so much happens during that time.

The flight attendants, sweet and kind as they are, wait until 10 minutes before the plane begins its descent before rushing down the aisle, throwing sandwiches and juice at everyone as quickly as they can. Five minutes later they’re back at your side, waiting impatiently as you try to finish in a rush, not looking particularly kind even as you wince when the hot filling burns you.

Then there are the other passengers. The man next to you who does not get the meaning of the word ‘personal space’, the ones who pretend not to understand when they’re being repeatedly told to sit down, fasten their damn seat belts, and hold on for the bumpy ride. The best are the stubborn ones; they understand, they simply don’t care. It’s like watching a drama when the arguments begin. You see the more brave attendants arguing with the passengers to put their tray up. You watch as those less brave let their eyes skim over the pushed back seats, pretending all is well because they just don’t have enough time in the day for this crap.

Ah, the economy short flight experience.

I have not missed you.


2 thoughts on “The not so best part about short trips

    1. During my last flight, the flight attendant kept telling a passenger to put up the tray and he just wouldn’t listen. He would shrug at her, throw up his hands, then face the window deliberately. She eventually gave up. Poor woman!

      I’ll keep the McDonald’s in mind, but usually I never have enough time to eat anything and I feel like it’s such a waste if I don’t eat the meals in the flights. D:


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