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Let’s talk about My Doha

A chance to write a little about what Doha means to me? Okay, let’s do this. Warning: Text heavy post coming your way.

In my three years of living in Qatar, I’ve discovered there are two types of expats: Those who hate Qatar and those who love Qatar and appreciate all the good the country has to offer. You get those who complain about the little things, then you get the people who nod and smile and say nothing but good things about living in Qatar because it’s given them more than they would have gotten in their home countries.

I’d like to think I’m a bit of both to be honest. I have my frustrations, and I have my disappointments, but at the end of the day I prefer to look at all the good things here and Doha means more to me than just a quick stop in my expat life.

Doha is the Future.

Doha is where I landed my first ever ‘real post university’ job. It’s where I discovered what I am good at, where I learned more about my strengths and weaknesses and where I developed (and still am constantly developing) into a better version of myself.

Doha has given me so many opportunities to do so many things and meet amazing people. Doha has given me the jump start my ambitious self hoped for. I would never have gotten to where I am if it wasn’t for the opportunities available here. And I know that being here, living here, growing here, has also opened up so many possibilities in my future and I hunger for more. Doha is the future for me, because it has given me a future that I didn’t think I’d have this early on in my career.

Doha is a place for New Experiences

Living in Doha has allowed me to travel more. I’ve been to 7 countries in the past two years. I’ve stepped foot in places which I’ve always dreamt of going to. I’ve gazed in wonder at the ceiling inside the Blue Mosque, walked the rough streets of the souk in Byblos, and gotten lost in Brussels. Doha has been the train station terminal giving me the choice to go to exciting new destinations.

I’ve never been experimental when it came to food until now. In fact, I was a picky eater until I was around 16. I’m slowly changing that, and Doha is really helping thanks to its growing foodie scene. I’ve tried lamb chops for the first time, and I’ve just had rabbit (it tastes like chicken… Quite a let down!) I’m not quite ready to go hard and try camel, but I know that in Doha it’s only a matter of time before I do so.

I’ve worn abayas, watched Fashion Shows, seen the amazing art the museums here have to offer, and have been a part of some nation wide events.

New experiences brings joy to life, and Doha has brought me a lot of it.

Doha is Discovery and Love.

You can’t live in a place like Doha and not meet many amazing people from all walks of life. I’ve lived the expat life when I was a child, but because it was the norm for me I didn’t really blink at the fact that my best friends were Russian, Pakistani and Filipino. Who cares? But coming back as an adult, I gained a new perspective on these things.

I have glorious friendships with people from Egypt, Jordan, Poland, Portugal, Lebanon, the UK, and more, and it’s the best feeling ever to get to know how similar and yet how different we all are. Conversations are never dull when you have so many stories from your home land, or just quite talks about life in the Middle East. No matter how different our backgrounds, friendship really doesn’t give a crap, it’s a bond that’s stronger than all of that and it connects people in ways we would never have imagined.

So Doha is where I have made amazing friendships that I know will last a lifetime, it’s where I’ve discovered new places through the eyes and ears of others, and it’s where I’ve found love. And that last bit is the best bit of all, really. 🙂

Doha is Family.

I was born to expat parents living in the Middle East, but due to unfortunate circumstances I had to go back home for some time to finish my education. Coming to Doha those few years ago reunited me with some of the people I love most in the world and gave me a feeling of being complete.

Since home is where the heart is, Doha has become my home for now.

Okay I feel a bit sappy now.

Are you a Qatar blogger? Want to write a little something about what Doha means to you? Join the link up! Check out the details at: Follow Your Sunshine and Pinay Flying High. 


9 thoughts on “Let’s talk about My Doha

  1. I’d like to think I’m a bit of both too – the two kinds of expat that is but the thing is, there is no perfect place in the world and everywhere you go there’s always a bad and good side of it. What’s the use on focusing on the bad side right? 🙂

    PS We don’t have lamb in the Philippines and my first experience of it was in Dubai. Loved it! And why is it that every single exotic food tastes like chicken? :p

    Thank you for joining #QatarLinkUp, don’t forget to visit the other blogs on there and share the comment love. 🙂

    PPS. Are you tacotami on snapchat too?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly! It’s so dull when you hear expats complain on and on and never look at the bright side of things, or how Qatar has so much more to offer than what you expect. When you focus on the good things, life becomes better. 🙂

      We have lamb in the Philippines! (Pilipinas represent!!!) But my family never ate it and so I only got to try it here in Qatar! It’s so good but my family can’t understand why I eat it haha. I know!! I was expecting a whole new flavour but instead I got… chicken.

      Yep I’m TacoTami! I’m also the one who constantly whatsapps you, Lavanya. 😛

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Aaaaaaaargh!!!! Ok so the Tami tales and Taco Tami were easy to connect but Lavanya???? How did I not figure that out? LOL.

        Do we have lamb in the Philippines? I have only had goat but not lamb.

        They say snake tastes like chicken too, no it doesn’t!!!!!!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’M SORRY! Hahaha! Tami is my nickname! 🙂 I’ll explain everything over lunch someday if you’d like! And don’t worry, people usually can’t connect Tami with Lavanya unless I tell them.

        We have lamb but I think it’s not really that popular so you can’t find it everywhere? Haven’t had goat yet though!

        I’m trying to be adventurous but not that adventurous just yet. I’ll take your word for it!!!! O_O


  2. I love that you got travelling in there as a benefit, as that’s a huge thing for me living out here – being able to visit new places I never would have dreamed of going before when I lived in the UK has been the best thing about living in the Middle East for sure.

    Loved the soppy bit about relationships at the end too, I feel exactly the same 🙂

    Thanks for joining the link-up!

    Polly xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Let’s say I easily fall into the category of people who love this place lol. During my school years I dearly wanted to get out and experience ‘life’. Well, 5 years of living in India…al I wanted to do was just hop onto the next flight back home. 😀

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