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Steak Night Date Night @ The Astor Grill

As part of the Britain Is Great campaign currently on-going in Qatar, The St. Regis arranged for a beach party at their oyster bay with local band The Exiles to play favourite UK chart hits for the evening! It sounded like good fun so we decided to make a night out of it and go early to have dinner before the party.

Astor Grill came up on the list of restaurants in St. Regis offering Entertainer vouchers and since steak sounded really good, we ended up dining there.

The service was great from the start. The hostess welcomed us in and seated us immediately even though we didn’t have a reservation, and a waiter came and gave us the menus within seconds. The menu was a bit out of place in the classic restaurant with an attached headlight that didn’t match the decor and theme, but it was necessary as the lighting in the restaurant was very dim. All the better for the ambiance, though! The leather interiors and classic decors really worked well together with the open kitchen. As I walked in, I could see the chefs plating up some dishes and it really got me excited for dinner.

The menu is great since it’s straight to the point and doesn’t try to offer you everything under the sun. It’s known for it’s meat and grills, and that’s all your getting along with a selection of starters and sides. They know what they’re good at and they stick with it, which is great because I always have a hard time choosing what I want. We double checked with the waiter first what was included in the voucher and were notified that it included the mains, the burgers, and the grills except for a few select items like the Japanese beef.

J wanted some Argentinian beef and I decided to be a copycat. We went for the Argentinian black angus rib-eyes, one each, with the peppercorn sauce for me and the lemon butter sauce for him. For our sides, I went for a creamed mashed potato while J went for the fries/large potato chips. We decided to skip the starters since the steaks were big and with the sides we were bound to be full right away.

J: Can you finish 300g of steak?

Me: …

I finished it first. 😉


Bread and butter served first. Bread was  warm and freshly baked. I’m not a fan of plain bread, I love having it with dips and spreads, but this tasted good.


We chose the Berry Mojitos from their list of mocktails. I loved it! I face a constant problem with mocktails/cocktails in that they’re usually too watered down, but this was good.


Got our sides just seconds before the mains. Didn’t have to wait that long really, service was quite fast! Fries was good, and I appreciated that they served it with ketchup. I always have to ask! The mash was great. So creamy, no lumps at all. I smothered it with the peppercorn sauce immediately.


Finally, the steak!! I had mine cooked medium rare. It was done perfectly, and very juicy, soft, and easy to cut. It had enough flavour that I didn’t need to put much of the sauce. I put a lot anyway though because the sauce was really good. 🙂 Sigh. I love steak.

Didn’t like the texture and taste of the vegetable gateau so I left it alone and focused on my steak and mashed potato.

Was able to finish everything and I felt really proud of myself!

Didn’t bother with dessert as we were both too full, we decided to go straight to the beach.

The steaks were priced at QR205 each but thanks to the entertainer voucher we got one for free! Sides ar QR25 each. Forgot the berry mojitos, probably QR40? Astor Grill is definitely pricey, but a great place to go to treat yourself.


The party was good fun! The band played very well, the leader singer getting the crowd pumped up. He had to sit down after a bit since he rocked out too hard! The set list was good. The crowd all got off their seats and after a few songs, they were all dancing and bopping in front of the stage. More events like this in Doha please! Only issue was the event stated that it would start at 8 but the band didn’t go on until 10, so we had to wait for a long time. If they had had a band to open up for The Exiles or something, it would have been better. But still, it was a fantastic night.

Astor Grill - The St. Regis Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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