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Go on an adventure to: Zikreet

I have been to Zikreet many times, but it’s always an enjoyable trip. Somehow, you get to see new things every time you go! On the map, it seems so small, you’d never guess that there’s plenty to see and do!

A trip to Zikreet will take most of your day, especially if you include some water sports on Zikreet Beach or go for a BBQ. A road trip around is tiring, but such good fun, and you get to see so much.

To get to Zikreet, I recommend using a 4×4. A sedan might make the trip, I have seen this miracle happen once, but it might be too hard on the car and cause a lot of damage!

A big part of having fun on the trip is the driving. You’ll be going ‘off-roading’ and driving in the desert, but there aren’t many (if any!) sand dunes for you to fall off of. Perfect for those who want to enjoy a bumpy ride but aren’t too experienced yet!

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You can enter from either Zikreet Town or by turning right after the Cuban Hospital. Google maps will take you to the latter, but if you feel more confident going through the town, go for it! Tip: you could always return to the main road via the town, so explore the other entrance instead!

Zikreet is famous for the gorgeous rock formations you see as you drive everywhere. I recommend stopping the car and exploring some of them, they’re great fun to climb!


A gorgeous art installation by Richard Serra, this piece of work in Zikreet can be found after a short drive into the desert from Cuban Hospital. Four pillars right in the middle of the desert, they’re just so impressive you have to stop, take a look, and wonder at how the heck they got them all the way out there?!

This breathtaking sculpture in the Brouq nature reserve spans over a kilometre and comprises four steel plates, each over fourteen metres in height. To guarantee perfect alignment, Serra examined the topography of the land and beautifully enhanced the vast, desolate space in the heart of the desert. The result is spectacular and although modern, timeless.

Set your GPS to ‘Film City’ next and off you go! It’s a bit of a bumpy ride to get there, but the views are great and, let’s be real, the bumpy ride is fun.


Just before Film City, you can stop by a small green patch of land with a couple of old wells. Was this an oasis before? Are these wells hundreds of years old and once used by the bedouins? Honestly, no one knows and there’s no information about the place either on site or online. Who cares? Enjoy the place and put your imagination to good use!



Film City is a spectacular place. For all you social media fans out there, yes, this is an ‘instagram worthy’ place to go to! It looks huge from afar, and it’s quite an impressive site in the middle of the desert. Rumour is it was built for a Hollywood movie and then abandoned after, left alone to be used as a tourist spot. Can’t find any information about what movie it was used for, but a lot of people say it was a set for one of the Transformers movies! Go and have a look for yourself!


The inside is very clean and, though it doesn’t feel very authentic, feels like you’ve somehow stepped through a portal to go back in time. Could this be what it felt like living hundreds of years go in a Qatari village? Maybe!


The caretaker is a demanding old man who, in broken English and enthusiastic gestures, tells you where to go, what you should look at, and what some of the structures are supposed to be. He’s funny and proud of what he’s showing off.

The best place is the climb to the terrace. Comfortable sofas, and a great view. You really appreciate where you are, and you get to relax.


Done with the views? More to see, don’t worry!

Get in your car and go further north. Type in ‘Mystery Village’ in your gps if you don’t want to get lost. Barely a five minute drive later, you’ll get there!


Not really a village, more like a small valley with empty buildings built with stones. The impressive sight is the small stone hut in the center, raised up high. You can attempt to climb it but it’s not really possible.


When I first discovered this place, I had assumed that maybe a tribe of bedouins had settled there years ago and had left nothing behind. The mystery had to be about how and when they built it! It was only after a closer inspection that I noticed the use of cement and other modern tools. Perhaps this place is an extension of the Film City? Perhaps it was built for a different movie? That, dear reader, is the true mystery. Still, no matter the purpose, you can’t deny it’s still a wonder to look at.


While you’re driving around, try to see as much as you can of the wildlife. The Oryx above wasn’t really wild, I think it escaped from a nearby area that was gated off and had a couple of Ostriches as well.  Nonetheless, there are signs everywhere that let you know what kind of animals you can see if you look hard enough.


The lizard was definitely wild though!

Have you been to Zikreet? What else do you love doing there? Let me know!



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