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Road trip through the Desert: Tourist spots in Qatar

“A road trip in Qatar? What’s there to see?”


A lot of expats come and go without ever leaving Doha. It’s such a shame they never get to make the most out of living here, never bother to try and see the sights that make Qatar famous! Tourists coming in to Qatar should also try to explore more than just Doha. The best way to see loads of sights at once? ROAD TRIP!

Below are a couple of my favourite places to go to on a road trip and enjoy some of the best tourist spots in the country for me:




Not really an island, not really purple, this is a great place to go to to enjoy nature, have a picnic near the water, or explore the marshes around. Located in the East, Al Khor is very close by to Doha and can be a quick morning getaway for any tourist short on time.

Read more about going on a trip to Purple Island here.



From the great rock formations, to the small town near the sea, Zikreet is the place to go to if you want to take your 4×4 on an off-road run and see some of the great tourist spots that the west of Qatar has to offer. Zikreet beach is also where plenty of people go to enjoy water sports, or camp overnight with big groups of friends as they enjoy BBQ parties.

Read more about going on a roadtrip to Zikreet here.

Several things to see in Zikreet include:









From Al Khor in the East to Zikreet in the West, Qatar is big, bigger than the city of Doha where people tend to restrict themselves. Take every opportunity to go see more of it.

PS: If you can push it, you can actually go to both Purple Island and Zikreet in one day!

While you’re here, dear reader, allow me to talk to you about a cause close to my heart: The environment. A few of you might be inspired to go plan a road trip of your own, or to go and visit a particular place. Please, please, PLEASE be a responsible tourist! We all have a responsibility to the Earth and we need to treat it with respect. Throughout my trip I kept seeing rubbish thrown everywhere. Even in the parking lot of Purple Island, where a huge rubbish bin stands, you still see empty bottles and paper cups everywhere.


It’s depressing to see such beautiful places being destroyed slowly by human beings. So when you’re going on your next trip, pack a small garbage bag with you, and remember to throw your trash properly. Let’s treat the environment with respect!

Are you a Qatar blogger? Want to write a little something about your favourite tourist spots in Qatar? Join the link up! Check out the details at: Follow Your Sunshine.



14 thoughts on “Road trip through the Desert: Tourist spots in Qatar

    1. No one lives there at all! The round stone huts are completely empty. I used to think the bedouins of old lived there once upon a time, but it’s really something that was built recently. 🙂 Hope you get to go soon! We could always plan a trip there.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Purple Island has been on my list of places to visit for the longest time. I need to stop sleeping till 12 at weekends and go there. I don’t understand the problem people have with throwing trash in the bins. Hello, it’s ten feet away. 😛


  2. Loved this post girl! It’s great that you have put together plenty of points off the city into an article. And, yes I agree with you about the environmental case. It’s such a shame to see the trash being thrown out there when the trash can is barely few steps away!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much!! I think some of the most unique spots in Qatar are off the beaten track and would appeal the most to tourists. 🙂 I know! It breaks my heart whenever I see trash destroying the environment when it isn’t that hard to be a responsible human being!


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