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Take a trip to: Purple Island

Al Khor is so close to Doha you can get there in an hour. Take advantage of all the place has to offer, and enjoy some of the unique scenery! My favourite place ever would have to be Purple Island.

First do the drive to Al Khor. Take a quick tour around the corniche area before heading towards the Purple Island. Don’t worry about getting lost, it’s on Google Maps!

There’s a parking lot that even sedans can reach. Once you park there, you start your journey onto the island!



Spot the fishies!

It’s called ‘purple island’ but you don’t really see much purple. To get to the center, you walk along a narrow pathway surrounded by water and marshes. If you stop to have a look, you can even see little fishes swimming around! The path dips down a few times as you walk along it, but the first two times it gives way to streams that you have to cross!


I recommend you wear a pair of flip flops as the water can get really high with the tide. It’s a bit slippery, so be careful! Sometimes you can even see baby crabs quickly scurrying away from you as you attempt to cross. If you’re feeling a bit brave, go ahead and try swimming a little, but wear some water shoes.



There’s so much nature to see as you walk, and you’ve just started your trip! It’s far from the city, and cars can’t get past the parking lot, so everything is quiet aside from the occasional bird tweeting.

The further you get, the more dry the land turns. Soon, you see some rock formations, with the occasional tiny cave hidden there somewhere. Not as impressive as what you’ll see later on, but still worth a climb!


Continue straight on past the sandy hills, until you reach the tip and you’ll be amazed at the gorgeous view of the water. Bring a picnic blanket and find some shade for a short picnic. Bring your dog to have some fun! It’s a big place to explore, bigger than you expect.


I have a secret spot right under the rocks. See if you can find it! The smell of the sea is strong, and little crabs crawl around everywhere, but it’s a great place to relax on a picnic blanket with a book in hand. The birds sing around you as you try not to drift off.


The walk back is always funny because the distance seems way shorter than you originally think it is. It’s always a good day there.

Will you be visiting Purple Island soon?


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