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Reduced Shakespeare Company in Doha!


A lot of expats constantly complain that there isn’t much to do in Qatar, but they never take advantage of the opportunities that do come their way. It has become a personal mission this year to do as much as I can in Qatar and show everyone just how much there is to do.

The Reduced Shakespeare company performed at Katara last Friday, giving two shows to the public. This was in line with the activities for the Britain is Great campaign currently on-going in Qatar! Excited, we got seats for the 1:00pm show. The description alone was enough to convince us that it would be fun.

Before I explain more about what happened, I’d like to explain the adventure we had trying to eat something before the show.

We arrived at Katara at 11:30pm, hoping to find a quick bite to eat before the show started. We were both hungry, and I had not had breakfast, so I was really desperate for some food especially since I knew the show would last for 2 hours. I wouldn’t survive!!! Unfortunately, everything was closed and the signs all said that the restaurants would only open by 1:00pm.

We walked around, our tummies grumbling, until we decided to just wait at the theatre room before taking our seats inside. But when we got there we saw a magical sight… Someone holding a cup!! Who cared if it was coffee (which I hate) or tea, it was nourishment!! We quickly asked them where they were able to get some food and they explained that the chapati and karak place was already open at 12:30 and it was very near.

Basically, we had around 15 minutes to run to the stall, inhale a karak and chappati, and run back. We made it!!

Back to the show.

I had a few problems getting the tickets online, for some reason Q-Tickets wouldn’t let me buy them. However, Shiv from Q-Tickets was quick to help! He got the tickets for me and allowed me to pay just before the show. That’s great customer service, something people have a hard time finding in Qatar.

We found a seat quickly and waited for the show to begin.

Basically, the Reduced Shakespeare Company is a three-man comedy troupe that takes long, serious subjects and reduces them to short, sharp comedies. The “Bad Boys of Abridgment” have created nine stage shows, two television specials, several failed TV pilots, and numerous radio pieces – all of which have been performed, seen, and heard the world over.

The play they put on last Friday was of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged).


It was good fun from start till finish. They started and ended with the audience laughing. Trying to squeeze the complete works of Shakespeare into an hour and a half is no easy feat! The actors, all three of them, had to play several characters at once, talk fast, come up with new ways to tell the stories, and reduce a number of plays into one sentence. The main focus was on three of Shakespeare’s well known plays: Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, and Hamlet. The focus on Hamlet was the best part, and it’s good they left it for last as it closed the show well.

Unfortunately, they no longer have any performances in Doha. If you ever get the chance to go though, grab it!


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