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A lovely garden view at Sukar Pasha

After a great time watching The Reduced Shakespeare Company perform, we wandered around Katara a bit to enjoy the lovely weather. We weren’t planning on eating anything, but then I spotted the lovely garden area outside of Sukar Pasha, a Turkish restaurant. I had never noticed it before, and the place just looked so pretty, I couldn’t resist. The place looked perfect for a cup of tea and a bit of relaxation, we went in to just do that.


The outside seating area is full of comfy furniture, artistic lamps, and beautiful flowers. The hedges surrounding the area made us feel as if we weren’t in Katara anymore, but in some garden far far away. The grass is fake, sure, but you don’t think about it that much, surrounded by everything else. It’s not the kind of setting you’d expect while eating Turkish cuisine, but that just made for a new experience.

While we had originally decided to stick with just Tea and Ayran (the Turkish yoghurt drink similar to Laban, which was delicious by the way!) the menu had my tummy grumbling so we decided to have some food as well. More like I pushed for us to have food, glutton that I am. 🙂

Hungry but not too hungry, we decided to just share a mixed mezze platter. I was worried it wouldn’t be enough… I really have problems estimating portions!


The platter came with traditional Turkish bread and a small plate with a duo of dips and some olives. (Note: When I came back a second time and had the exact same thing, the little trio platter was not served. Inconsistency… Sigh.)

The bread was still warm from the oven, and didn’t turn that hard after it had cooled down as some kinds of bread tend to do. I hate when that happens so I appreciated having nice, soft bread to dip into the appetizers.


I was able to see the interiors when I went inside to use the restroom and I had to raise my eyebrows, everything is so glamorous! Felt like they were trying to recreate the feel of an Ottoman palace. It wasn’t really my taste, felt too shiny and sparkly, but I saw a lot of families enjoying themselves. Glad I was able to enjoy the outside seating while the weather was still being kind!

The relaxing ambiance combined with delicious food really makes Sukar Pasha a must try when in Katara. However, I can’t say much about the service unfortunately.

The waiters were not attentive at all, and it took way too long to get their attention when ordering. When asking for the bill, our waiter apologised for the slow service stating that it was due to it being a busy Friday, but it still took over 15 minutes before we could pay. I understand that you shouldn’t expect much on busy days, but that’s no excuse for being almost literally ignored by other staff as you try and flag them down. When we came back a second time, we experienced the same thing again! Took forever to order, waiters were blind to me waving my arm around like a crazy person.

I’d come back for the food and location, but only when I’m not starving because the wait to be noticed is killer.

Sukar Pasha Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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