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Al Mourjan @ The Corniche

I think everyone in Qatar has heard of Al Mourjan at one point during their stay here. It’s situated at the Doha Corniche, a very popular place for the residents, and the view is gorgeous especially at night. They’ve won numerous awards, and like to tell people about it. And the food has a reputation for being some of the best Lebanese food in the country, something that markets itself through word of mouth alone. Great views + Award winning food = a restaurant everyone must definitely go to at least once during their stay in Qatar.


When we visited a few weeks ago, we sat outside to take advantage of the views. Luckily we were early and it wasn’t too busy, so we were able to get a really good seat close to the water. It was very cold, but we were kept nice and toasty thanks to the heaters. I love outdoor heaters.

I went inside to use the bathroom and the interiors were gorgeous. Still doesn’t beat the sea view though!


The view is actually better than the pictures make it out to be. I’m just horrible at taking pictures!


The menu is easy enough to understand if you’re familiar with Lebanese food, and it’s full of the famous traditional dishes with a few international dishes and seafood mains thrown in. We decided to stick to the traditional mains to really try what the restaurant is known for.

For some reason, we also decided to start our meal with a cup of hot chocolate! It was perfect for the weather, so the odd combination didn’t bother us that much. The hot chocolate was great, very ‘chocolatey’ and not too sweet. This means it’s good as per J but I’m a fan of sugar and so I needed to add more.



For starters, we originally agreed on sharing two different kinds and then having just one main. We’re trying to ‘order with our minds, not with our stomachs’ which is a great thought until you’re faced with a menu and you just want to order EVERYTHING! Anyway…. We went with the hummus and the batata harrah.

The hummus was good, but nothing to rave about, and the batata harrah (spicy potatoes) was not too spicy, so we were able to enjoy them both! Batata barrah has been a favourite of mine since I had some in Lebanon a couple of years ago. The one at Al Mourjan tasted similar, if not exactly the same, so I was happy.

I impulsively also ordered the Feta Mourjan at the last minute. I love cheese, and could have a dinner with nothing but cheese and still be happy. I was disappointed with the feta though. It didn’t have the salty bite it’s supposed to have and was a bit bland. My impulsiveness decided to punish me, I guess!


Arayyess Kafta was chosen for our main course. Kafta meat spread inside pita bread which is then grilled to perfection and served with a handful of fries. It really was grilled perfectly. The pita was nice and crispy and the meat was juicy. I added a bit of tobasco sauce for more of a kick, but the flavours were all there. I just prefer them to be stronger.

The staff was helpful and quick the whole time, nothing to complain about there.

All in all, the food was good but a bit too pricey for what we got. Delicious Lebanese food is found everywhere in the country at cheaper prices, let’s be real. The view is the selling point of course, so I can imagine people going there more for the ambiance and to enjoy their shisha  with a nice meal. I’d go back, but maybe as a treat or for a special occasion rather than just a regular dinner out.


  • Feta Mourjan – QR35
  • Hummos – QR25
  • Batata Harrah – QR25
  • Arayyess Kafta – QR75
  • Hot chocolate – Forgot! Around QR20-25.


Al Mourjan Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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