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Tasmeem Cafe @ Al Khor Mall

Recently dropped by Al Khor Mall to do some grocery shopping (have you guys been to the Lulu there? For some reason it feels waaaay better to go shopping there than any other Lulu in Doha!) and discovered the Tasmeem cafe. Now, I’ve seen Tasmeem before. It’s impossible not to notice it at The Mall or Dar Al Salam mall, and their cupcakes have always looked yummy. I’ve just never felt like stopping by for some reason.

What attracted me this time was the new decorations and sitting area, its own little cafe! The decorations were cute, from the baby’s breath on the tables to the bike with the flowers in the basket. It felt like it was trying to be an artistic, hipster cafe of sorts. You don’t see many of those in Doha! It succeeded in being attractive, but it still has a way to go before it can brand the feel. Didn’t have time to stay though, so I just bought a couple of the delicious looking cupcakes to go and left.



The cupcakes tasted delicious, the icing not too sweet and overpowering, and at QR10 a piece they’re affordable. Favourite was the blueberry!

Will drop by next time, maybe at a closer location, for my cupcake craving fix.


This is not a sponsored post.



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