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Mr. Taco: OR my new favourite restaurant in Doha

OR the place that made me cry when I first tried their tacos.

I first tried Mr. Taco’s taco and horchata (a drink made of rice water with cinnamon) at the Qatar International Food Festival, and have been to their restaurant three times since then. I wasn’t sure about what to order the first time, only following my nose to their stall because it smelled sooooo good, but the staff recommended the barbacoa taco and I went with it. When you first look at their taco, it isn’t what you’d usually expect. The shell isn’t a shell, but two soft tortillas made fresh that day. The barbacoa filling – tender lamb meat that looked soft and smelt wonderful. But that’s it. I get why a lot of other people would get turned off by it not looking like its usual commercial self, but since the restaurant is actually run by Mexicans, I wanted a taste of the authentic thing and honestly I prefer it waaaay more now.

Delicious, melt in your mouth, and not enough! I instantly regretted ordering just one, because the size is way too small to fill me up. Priced at QAR9 a pop, it’s understandable though. Good thing they have different taco combo options!

The first two times I went, I had takeaway, and I basically had the same thing. I decided to try something new – alongside the barbacoa taco of course because I’m never missing a chance to get that, for my third visit and chose to dine in this time.

Mr. Taco is located at the second floor food court of Dar Al Salam mall in Abu Hamour. I went with G for lunch as he was excited to experience authentic Mexican food.



We may have overdone it a bit, but no regrets!! G ordered a Chicken Tacwarma burrito (QR 16) and a Taco Combo meal (QR33) with three tacos, rice, beans, and a drink. A very good deal! He chose Chicken Tinga for his filling, but you can get mix and match all the flavours you want!

I chose a Carne Asada burrito (QR19) with the additional ahogado/bathed option (QR6) which means to LITERALLY bathe it in sauce. This was made for me!!! I went with the green enchilada salsa instead of the red option, as recommended by the staff. With my burrito, because clearly it wasn’t enough, I had a taco combo of my own, all filled with barbacoa goodness. This is where you cry. This is where I cried.

For our drinks we both had horchata, which was delicious!


The sauce! The cheese! The sauce!!!
My favourite tacos of all time!! Barbacoa tacos.



Everything was prepared well and fresh, and it was all delicious. My burrito was gorgeous in the sauce, and even better in my mouth. And that sauce! I was spooning it up and eating it on its own, wondering if they wouldn’t mind giving me the recipe. Tangy, a bit of heat, and the flavour of cilantro. I really need more of that in my life. I didn’t focus much on the rice and beans, although I did like the flavour of the beans with the cheese melted on the top. The barbacoa tacos were, again, melt-in-your-mouth delicious. The chicken tinga tacos were good, but nothing special in terms of flavour, though they were also tender and soft. G assured me that his tacwerma was the best chicken burrito he’d ever had and he found it way better than the barbacoa tacos. I was ready to fight him on this!

This was just a week after we had dined in at California Tortilla and already that experience was forgotten. Throughout the meal we just talked non-stop about how good everything was. Not kidding, we didn’t talk about anything else throughout the meal.

This has become my favourite restaurant in Doha, and oh can I call myself its number 1 fan now?? Can I, please?? I don’t think I can ever look at tacos the same way again!

For everything, we only spent QR107 and it was money well spent. We wanted some churros as well (QR2 each!!!) but we didn’t have the tummy space for it. Next time though, I’ll definitely make room!

Mr. Taco Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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