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Music from Star Wars and Other Films – a great performance by the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra

I made a promise to myself to try and attend as many events by the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra as I can, especially after I enjoyed the last one I went to so much. When the QPO launched an event on Facebook for ‘Music from Star Wars and Other Films’, I bought my tickets immediately, a month early even!

A stressful journey to QNCC almost killed the mood though. As usual, we tried to rely on Google Maps to head there, and as usual Google Maps gave me a hard time. It led us to the road behind the QNCC for some reason, even though I could have gotten there faster by my usual route. Thinking that a new road layout might be the blame, we followed Gmaps like the idiots we are, and long story short we ended up taking the LONGEST route ever. Luckily we arrived at the QNCC just 15 minutes before the show was about to start.

Music from Star Wars and other movies was a part of the Festival of Music, where the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra in QNCC played around 8 shows in just a day.

Other than Star Wars and Harry Potter, music from Titanic, Mission Impossible, James Bond, and Pirates of the Caribbean were also on the programme!

The theater was filled with people, families especially. I was worried for a bit that the experience would be ruined by babies crying, but thankfully the whole show went off without a single cry. I got distracted more by all the people SnapChatting around me. Can people just stop that? Thanks.

Mission impossible started the show with a bang with the theme song, and gave us a preview of how the show would progress. The conductor, David Niemann, had such a great energy and he was jumping along with the music. The musicians all played with enthusiasm, trying to move to the music as much as possible. It was a great performance. My Heart Will Go On was next, then Goldfinger followed. I wasn’t really a fan. I’m sure some Bond fans were entertained, but the Bond fan I was with would have preferred something else.

The Pirates of the Caribbean theme song came next and blew us all away. It was amazing, such a fun piece of music. The best piece of the whole set, yes including the Star Wars suite, it had the entire audience hooting and clapping for a long time after. Hans Zimmer is truly a musical genius.

Hedwig’s Theme was gorgeous and hauntingly beautiful. Way better when played by an orchestra live than heard on TV! It gave me nostalgic feelings, and I remembered the first time I watched Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Ah, Harry Potter. Moon River was another gorgeous piece, but I think we were all waiting for the Star Wars performance to truly enjoy it.

At last came the star of the show, music from Star Wars! All the famous pieces were played, including the famous Imperial March.  Every song was followed by a huge round of applause! The musicians also clearly enjoyed playing along.

I’ll give you a pro-tip. When watching a show by the QPO, always watch the boys in the back. They have the most fun! It’s really enjoyable watching them running from drums to cymbols, exchanging laughs and instruments.

It was a great show, though the ending was a bit of a let down. I’m not talking about the Star Wars suite because that was GREAT, but what happened after.

David, oh David. The conductor left the stage then came back THREE TIMES. The entire orchestra had to keep sitting and standing, and they were obviously not briefed beforehand, poor guys. Even the audience was left feeling confused. It left me feeling all giggly.

I really can’t wait for more of their shows, it’s a great way to support (sort of) local talent and it’s something that you don’t get to experience often in other countries, especially for the price we paid (only 50qr!!).


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