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‘I need a 7up’ kind of day.

I’m calm, cool, and collected now, but the day started off horribly.

Bullet points, because I just don’t have it in me to write more:

  • Go to work.
  • Rush from work to Embassy to try and make it there and back in record time.
  • 1 min away from embassy – realise you don’t have any cash, and the embassy doesn’t accept cards.
  • Beg Uber driver to bring you to the closest ATM machine then rush back to embassy.
  • Fill out a form around 3 times because nothing seems to be going right.
  • Rush to bank and wait for 30 minutes for a customer service representative to be free.
  • Get told by CS representative that there wasn’t a need to wait for 30 minutes as everything is now online.
  • Walk back to work in heat of the sun.


Sometimes you just need something to pick you up. Sometimes it’s a taco. Sometimes it’s 7up.


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