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Rounding up the things I’ve been eating

Lately I haven’t been in a writing and sharing mood. I’ve taken a lot of pictures, made a lot of mental notes to write everything down, but I’ve been so busy and forgetful I haven’t been able to do any actual writing. But I don’t want to not remember the good meals I’ve had, and I want to keep this blog going. So let’s do things short and sweet, and forgive me if some of these meals were eaten months ago.

Also, I might do this more often.


Medina Centrale, The Pearl-Qatar


Craving burgers

What I had: While I wish I had the stomach to be able to chow down on a Quadburger (4 patties!) simply because I am a glutton, I stuck with a single patty with cheddar and Swiss cheese, Fat fries, Fatwings,  and lemonade.

Verdict: Your average burger place. Nothing extraordinary and it couldn’t beat Shake Shack in my heart. But was it delicious? Yes. Was the price decent? Yes. Were the wings up to my standards? Yes! I’d go back if I was in Medina Centrale and craving a burger and wings.




Blackberry Fizz aka nothing but ice
Salmon and potato puree
Shrimp and avocado salad. Look at how fresh that looks.
Cheesecake and biscuit-covered cherry sorbet.

So weird how I work so close and yet have only been to Market for express lunch once… And months after I started working nearby!

What I had: Finally tried the lunch express menu at Market. Had the shrimp salad with avocado for starters, the slow cooked salmon for my main course, and the Market cheesecake with cherry sorbet for dessert. Also had a glass of Blackberry Fizz.

Verdict: Everything was served fast, all the dishes were delicious, and the portions were generous. The salmon was especially good, even though I prefer my salmon grilled. All of that for QR98? Such a steal. The blackberry fizz was more ice than drink to be honest, but everything else was great.




Overloaded Nachos Traditional
Beef Tacos
Chicken Zarape
The much appreciated – way too delicious Tres Leches cake. 🙂

Went to Isla for my birthday because duh I love Mexican food. All the raving reviews were definitely true – the food was great. Maybe not as foodgasmic as Mr. Taco, but still great if you want a more formal meal with authentic Mexican flavours.

What I had: Shrimp chicharron and Nachos Traditional were shared for starters. I had the beef tacos while the others had the seafood Mariscada,  and the Chicken Zarape served with coriander rice. For drinks we had the Fresco and a Mojito pitcher.

For dessert we ordered the churro bites with ice cream. Since it was my birthday, I was also surprised with a tres leches cake.

Thoughts: The shrimp  was good but the nachos were better – and we finished it all! My tacos were not what I expected, they were even better. I loved every bite. While I didn’t taste the Chicken Zarape and the Mariscada, I got good comments from the others, especially for the Mariscada.

Churro bites were a bit too hard – maybe I’d go for the regular churros instead. The tres leches cake on the other hand? DIVIIINNEEE. Is tres milk too much milk? No it’s never too much.






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